Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ripples for EVERYONE!

Yay!!! Don't you just LOVE a finished project! I know I do. This blanket was very fun to make. Pulled the free pattern from Ravelry and using 100% Cotton "Peace and Love" Yarn from Bernat made this a very soft and fun piece. It's stitched up very quickly. I chose the colors for a baby boy blanket for my best friend who is due ANY DAY NOW!

Few items to note - I wouldn't do this particular pattern with this yarn again. If you can see from this top image, there is a bit of a "buckle" in the blanket. I followed the pattern exactly, which was very good, and seemed correct, but without the "give" of the acrilyc yarns, I think the cotton coupled with the pattern caused this "buckle" I pulled and tugged and stretched, and could not get it to lay flat at all.

I loved the pattern and I loved the yarn, and I love the final result - I just don't know that I would marry the two up again. Just my humble opinion.

All that being said - I did ship this blanket to my BFF who lives in PA and she called me immediately! She LOVED it :)

Thanks for looking!

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