Monday, November 14, 2011

Camo Beanie

So happy to be climbing back into my crocheting - it's been a few nights since I picked up my hook - and it's like an old friend happy to be back home!

Finished up a Camo Beanie pattern I got from (more info here) using stashed yarn from the big Log Cabin Afghan project and kicked this out very quickly in one night. I had made this hat before for my son last fall, and he's still wearing it a year later, after being washed several times too!

I made the adult version of the pattern, and with the Red Heart Camo yarn, had a very cool pattern arise in the rounds. I used plain black for the band which you can't tell as much here in this photo, but is obvious in real life.

I'm thinking of next making this hat in some girly colors and throw a flower on it - the brim is a really cute touch and i think can most definitely translate well to a chic girl hat :) S8er Gurl - lol :)

Hope you like! I'll keep sharing as I get more projects together! Hoping to have a busy crochet and card week, and start making some holiday gifts as well!

Happy Hooking! :)

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