Monday, November 7, 2011

Squiggly Stripes

Flashback to a year ago - I picked up my "Crochet for Babies" book which i had previously made 4 projects from - and saw a blanket that just jumped off the page at me. It was for this beautiful pink and purple blanket that was stunning in the photo. My original intent was to make it for a friend of mine who was expecting a baby girl the following month, and silly me thought that I could complete this blanket in time with the holidays approaching. I quickly changed the recepient to myself, well actually my 2 month old daughter, and went out to find the exact yarn used in the pattern. Much to my dismay, it was discontinued from Bernat! No!!! So i hit eBay and was able to get 3 skeins there, and got another 2 through someone's stash list on - and she was more than happy to sell to me!

So then I begin - I did the first row... and the second row, and the third. Make the first Curly-Q's, and I was on my way... but alas, the blanket was not growing! A few days later i was only about 8 rows in, and barely an inch! This was NOT going to be a fast project - 3 weight yarn along with a G hook, and a LOT of SC and DC's!

I then did something I have never done in my whole crocheting career... I put it aside to work on something else. I VOWED never to do this! I was always going to complete what I started - but this was going to take FOREVER! So I made a Purple Toddler Beanie and Matching Scarf , made another Toddler Hat for my daughter using some of the yarn FROM the "put aside" project, made a quick Baby Blanket for my co-worker, a Baby Block Blanket for my cousin's baby, another "Crochet for Babies" blanket for my friend's baby, my "Urban Jungle" Social Media Fame hat :), ANOTHER baby blanket in the round for my college friend's baby, and finally the big Log Cabin Afghan project.

Then, 11 months later... I pick up this tossed aside blanket and NOW VOW to do nothing else until it's completed...

... and it's completed. And one of the most beautiful blankets I have ever made.

The end result is about 60"x60" not counting the squiggles. :) it's so dense you can't see through it, and it is really warm and REALLY SOFT!

The squiggles ended up being SO EASY and what a great addition to the blanket!

And finally my little peanut and her new blanket. This will go on her toddler bed as her main blanket when we transition her from her crib in a few months.

Now the true question - how many of these squiggles will she put up her nose over the course of it's life :)

More about this and link to the patters on my Ravelry Page.

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